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 Class Descriptions

Seminar Classes

· Tips for Dance Teachers: Important Things We’ve Learned Along the Way: Join Katie and Deborah as they discuss important things they’ve learned along the way as both professional dancers and as dance teachers with a combined 55 years’ dance experience. They will share things that helped them grow and improve as dancers, important things teachers taught them in their careers, mistakes they’ve made and learned from, and things they do and don’t do as dancers and dance teachers and why.
Instructors: Deborah Johnson and Katie Johnson    
· Working Smarter Not Harder: Leg Extensions and Turnout: Improving leg extensions can be challenging at best, but science may be able to help! In this class, Dr. Sarah Petrich will

                a) Review basic anatomy and biomechanics of the pelvis and hip

                b) Discuss proper positioning of the pelvis & ribcage to decrease hip strain in leg extensions

                c) Instruct how turnout mechanics are different on a supporting leg vs. a working leg - and even

                     how turnout mechanics change with the height of a working leg!  
Finally, she will put all the above concepts together with unique exercises to train both développé and turnout.  
Instructor: Dr. Sarah Petrich

· Pilates for Dance:  Pilates is used by professional dancers and dance physical therapists alike because it is an effective way for dancers to build strength and flexibility while also preventing injury. In Pilates for Dance, Amy will go through a one hour Pilates class full of exercises specifically targeted to improve dancer’s deep core support, pelvic alignment, back and glute strength, posture, breathing, body awareness and placement.   
Instructor: Amy Jones  

· Technique Progressions: Good technique is crucial to successful dancers both aesthetically in their movement quality and also to dance safely and avoid injury. In this class Katie will share her favorite exercises and progressions targeted to help your dancers improve their strength, body placement and alignment, and become more proficient technical dancers.
Instructor: Katie Johnson

· Improving Balance and Turns: Turns are arguably some of the most difficult things to teach and execute, and they are inextricably linked to a dancer’s ability to balance. First, Dr. Petrich will discuss the 3 body systems that contribute to good balance, how to train “visual flexibility” for spotting, and the ability to separate eye movements from head movements. Second, Deborah will go over tips, important technique principles and exercises to help improve your dancers’ pirouettes, à la secondes and other turns.
Instructors: Dr. Sarah Petrich and Deborah Johnson

· Strength or Stretch? Which Matters Most and How Do You Strike the Right Balance?: If there is one thing dancers seem to do a lot of, it’s stretch. Wall stretches, oversplits, partner stretching … we’ve all probably seen these done many times. However, one of the greatest predictors of injury is hypermobility. Medical research shows us the longer a muscle is, the weaker it is. How do we strike the right balance of performance flexibility and strength while keeping in mind the well-being and long term health of our dancers’ bodies?  
Instructor: Dr. Sarah Petrich

Movement Classes

Our movement classes are designed to give you a safe place to learn, move, experiment and explore so you can feel re-energized, equipped and ready to take on the new dance season! (And don’t worry… you can also observe any movement class you want! Please feel free to watch, take notes and ask questions!) Come brush up on your technique and skills, learn new progressions and exercises to challenge your students, get inspiration and ideas for choreography, and have fun dancing in a student free zone!  

· Contemporary Ballet: Has it been a while since you took a ballet class? Don’t worry! Ease back into ballet with a fun contemporary ballet class! No leotard or tights required! Katie mixes classical ballet technique with contemporary ballet movement so you can get a refresher on fundamental ballet technique while also getting some new ideas on how you can make ballet fun and enjoyable for your dancers.
Instructor: Katie Johnson

· Hip-Hop: Whether you are preparing your dancers for careers in the dance industry, or you just want them to have a fun time moving and grooving, hip-hop training does both! Trey will provide tips for teaching hip-hop to students, share how he breaks down steps and choreography, and show how to create a fun and challenging class atmosphere in which your dancers feel free to take risks and grow as dancers and artists.   
Instructor: Trey Barber

· Tap: His enthusiasm for dance is contagious! Join Ricci in a fun, upbeat and seriously rad tap class! Get new ideas for how to spice up your tap dances, learn new skills and sequences to take back to your students, and learn from the best of the best in the tap industry. We promise you will have a blast in this class!
Instructor: Ricci Milan  

· Jazz: Classic jazz technique and flair will never go out of style! Style, musicality, placement and technique are essential to any successful dancer and strong jazz training gives you that! Join Sarah in this movement class and get new ideas for how to teach jazz and make it fun for your students.
Instructor: Sarah Steichen